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My name is Anne and I am a Functional Nutrition Counselor. My interest in healthy eating and nutrition began as a young adult when I made a decision to leave certain foods out of my diet. It didn't make me very popular or much fun at parties! Others didn't seem to carry the concerns I had so it often felt isolating. My education and learning has continued throughout my life, amplified by having a young daughter with apparent digestive issues and frequent stomach aches and anxiety. I didn't have the tools or support she needed. As an adult she was diagnosed as having celiac disease. The helplessness and worry I felt led me to follow a path I strongly believed in - one of using food, nutrition and holistic practices that allow a body to heal as its meant to do when given proper support. I'm very passionate about providing that support and tools to those that have struggled alone, as doctor after doctor failed to help you feel better. I'm here. Your journey to wellness begins now.

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