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What is Functional Medicine Counseling?

As your Functional Nutrition Counselor, I provide comprehensive services to guide you and support you to overcome your challenges. I have had a passion for using food to gain and maintain health for many years. Using a functional approach, I look at the whole person, not just your symptoms, and partner with you to achieve optimal health. Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing.

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I started working with Anne after struggling for years with my digestive system; breaking out in hives, rashes, IBS and more. We started slow by removing some inflammatory foods and adding in supplements. I felt an immediate improvement. Next we did just a couple of tests, I appreciated she didn't push me to have a bunch of expensive tests, and that uncovered more things we could address. I still have a way to go but I'm so glad to have someone helping me along the way.

Amber B

I heard about Anne from a friend when I was suffering with extreme anxiety. I didn't understand how a nutrition counselor could help with that but I was tired of being on brain-altering drugs so I called her. She was very compassionate and immediately made me feel like we could make progress on my anxiety. We did a complete review of my health and life and created a plan. For the first time, I have seen some improvement with some simple lifestyle changes. I recommend working with Anne. If she can help me, I'm betting she can help you too.

Lynn O

Hormone issues can really jack your sleep and I was at my physical and emotional end of the rope. Anne partnered with my Ob/Gyn to combine testing and supplements to help me through this hurdle. It's been a long road to feeling better but I greatly appreciate Anne's support of my journey. My doctor did not have the ability to meet with me every two weeks to track my progress but Anne was there every step of the way. I highly recommend Anne because she was very patient and kind through that sleepless period of my life and helped me get on a path that is helping me get more balanced.

Lori M

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